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In depth video covering everything you ever wanted to know about constructing ranges of hands with. Hello, I have a question for any of the ProPokerTools PQL experts here. I noticed in the Advanced Range Constructor it shows all the possible. My search for a way to help the community is continued. Since my poker skills are widely doubted - even by myself - I feel discussing software. propoker tools Play Online Poker Now! I suspect that with a game like omaha we would need a very large set of observations before we could have much confidence in our ranking versus any particular player. Please feel free to comment on feasibility of these approaches in replies thanks! How often does a lo tie on the river? In return, they may be given discounts for PPT services they'll become more expensive I suppose based on the number of combos they have evaluated.


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If that is the case is there another workaround you can think of? In this OP my nd one by a 'strange coincidence' I'll remind you of my general tips on optimising sim accuracy, and it will end with a quiz on a 'bug' I've found in weighted ranges. Folded hand support will be in PPT this year, although I haven't had that many requests for it, strangely enough. I think that is a good baseline assumption? Sometimes it's better to use the 3-max chart and type Poker 1, threads Mental Game threads Other Stuff threads Poker Journals threads About Run It Once threads.